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A Shooting Star Christmas (Dec. 23 – 27)

We had a lot of fun in class this week! First of all our phonics lessons have been going well. In the lessons we’ve been focusing a lot on writing. The students have been braking down the words into three parts. Beginning, middle, and end using their arms. This is helping them hear the sounds in each part of the word to be able to spell it on their own. It has been going well.

Wednesday was so fun because we got to celebrate Christmas together! Throughout the day we played games and did a craft. In math we’ve been studying about 3D shapes. They made a sphere snowman last time so this time they made a hat using a cylinder shape. It was hard but they all did a great job. We also played a left right game and a Santa Cookie game. It was a fun time!

As we approach the holiday time, we hope you all enjoy your time together and have a wonderful holiday break.

今年最後の1週間、Shooting Starの子どもたちはいつものレッスンに加えてクリスマスの遊びを楽しんだり、1年使ったロッカーやテーブルをお掃除したりしました!クラフトの時間では3Dの形(円柱)で雪だるまの帽子をつくりました。子どもたちの可愛い雪だるまは廊下に飾られているので、是非見てくださいね! また、小麦粘土作りにも挑戦しました!小麦、水、少量の油、食紅をコネコネ混ぜて出来上がりました!子どもたちは朝や昼小麦粘土に夢中になっていろいろな物を作っていました。お家に持ち帰ったので、お家でもたくさん遊べるといいですね。

皆様が良い年を迎えられますように!そして、年明けに元気な子どもたちと保護者の皆様にお会いできることを楽しみにしております!Happy New Year!