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Shooting Star July 8 – 12

We have had a fun and exciting time this week. We have started using the outside pool since the weather has been warmer. The 4 year old and 5 year old class use the pool in the afternoon so the pool is nice and cool for us. Before going into the pool we always stretch inside the classroom so we are ready for swimming. Half the students play in the sand pit while other swim and then we switch. This way the pool is not so crowded.
The students enjoyed playing Number Bingo game in math lessons this week. They write numbers from 1 to 20 randomly and write X if the number is picked once. They really enjoy finding the correct numbers and saying “Bingo!” out loud.

This week we had our regular activities except for park since we use the pool instead. In gym class we have started practicing for our Sports Festival. The children are so excited to use the parachute and have been having a lot of fun.

During our UOI lessons this week, we have been learning about buildings that make things. These include; bakeries, restaurants, and factories. Tuesday we watched a video on how legos are made. The students love playing with legos so we thought they would enjoy learning about how and where they are made. On Thursday the students were able to make their own toys and then Friday they worked in groups to make their own restaurant. The students picked a name for their restaurant and then picked their favorite foods to sell there. It was a lot of fun!
今週のUOIでは、”Buildings for making things”ということで、レゴ工場でレゴが作られる様子の動画を見た後にレゴを使ってそれぞれに好きなものを作りました。木曜日はいろいろな素材でおもちゃを作って遊びました。金曜日はレストランのシェフになりきって、とってもおいしそうな料理を作りました。

Thank you everyone and we hope you have a nice long weekend.