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Shooting Star May 27 – 31

The week started off with a fun birthday event for the school. We celebrated all the students who had birthdays in May from the 2 year old up to the 5 year old children including one of our own Shooting Star members. The teacher leading the party read a fun book and we all enjoyed the time together.
今週は毎月恒例のバースデーパーティーから始まりました!シューティングスターからはお誕生日のお友達が1人、お友達の前でしっかりと”I’m 5 years old.”と言えていました。みんなでお誕生日の歌を歌い、先生の絵本の読み聞かせを楽しんでお祝いしました。
This week we started a new line of inquiry about different families around the world. The first activity we did was to engage the students and find out what they already knew about other countries. The students had 3 pictures, a food, a place, and a flag from each country. They needed to put the picture on the poster of the country they thought it was from. We then spent the rest of the week talking about the posters and putting the pictures on the correct ones.
今週はUnit1最後のLine of Inquiry ”Families are different around the world.” が始まりました。

We had our regular outside activities this week. One of the activities was walking to a park in Matsumoto City. It has been a long time since we were able to go for a walk so it was nice to get out. The weather has been getting warmer so we decided to start going to the park in the mornings instead of the afternoons.

Our phonics time has been fun with our class helper Mabel the koala. She had some family visit from Australia to help us learn some names that start with R. This helps the student sort R words into their Letter Books whenever we have a new star name. The students have been enjoying our new phonics curriculum. They also continue to do writing in their notebooks twice a week.
Rから始まる単語を学んだ後、Rの単語とそうでない単語を分けてR bookを作りました。
Math has been fun this week continuing with weight. This week we challenged the students understanding of weight by putting 2 items that are the same onto our balance, but the difference was that one had more in it than the other. For example, we weighed glue that was the same but one had more in it than the other. This way we can introduce more and less as well so we can get them to think deeper.

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!