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Shooting Star April 8 – 12

Hello everyone! This week has been a fun one. We began our unit of inquiry this week. The theme is who we are and so we’ve been reviewing what we like and how we know someone by what they like. The students did a fun game trying to guess who drew the picture by the things that were drawn on the paper. Later in the week we started studying about families.
今週もとっても楽しいこといっぱいでしたね!4歳児クラスでは、今週からIBの探求ユニットが始まりました。まずはWho Am I ゲームからです!子どもたちがそれぞれ描いた好きな物、そしてそれが誰のことなのか知っている英語を使って当てっこゲームをしました。

For phonics we have started using a new curriculum and it has been going well. The students are having fun learning phonics by studying each other’s names. In the program there are a lot of fun activities to do.

We have tied math into our UOI by talking about comparisons. They have been comparing the height of each other and of different objects. This time they have been comparing straws and putting them in order from tallest to shortest. We’ve really been enjoying our time together and with our new friends.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!