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Our School Open Day-Shooting Star-February 6th-10th

Hello Everyone,

Thank you dear parents for coming to our school open day. It was indeed the best part of this week for Shooting Star as we had a great time spending with our parents making our community helper costume as part of our unit of inquiry. It was astounding to know how our little ones have expressed their creative minds to make their costume as they wanted it to be with the support of their parents. Thank you for your overwhelming feedbacks of the visit. It inspires us to be more efficient with our job.



Another highlight of this week was our visit to the police station. The place is very closed to our school. When we got there, one of the police officers welcomed us by the entrance and assisted us to one of the rooms that they set up for our visit and he asked us to sit down and he began to introduce himself to us and he showed us his identification, whistle, baton, and hand cuffs. He explained to us the job description of the police officers like, catch thieves and criminals, patrol around the community, handle traffic accidents, and guide lost people. He educated us about the significance of fingerprints. He said, fingerprints are important mark to identify suspects to solve crimes. He showed us how to take fingerprints and he let us try taking them with the actual equipment. He explained that fingerprints are not the same. After he explained everything, he gave us time to ask him questions. Shooting Star class asked many questions like, How do you catch bad guys/ If thieves have guns how do you deal with them? etc. Then police officer toured us around the police station and showed us the tools they use like, heavy duty helmet, riot shield, and the police car. We were given the chance to sit at the driver’s seat to have a picture. Before we bid goodbye, we gave our appreciation poster to them that says, Thank you for being our heroes. The police officer received it wholeheartedly.

説明の後、質問の時間を設けていただき、、Shooting Starクラスからは、「どうやって悪い人を捕まえるのか」「もし泥棒が銃を持っていたらどう対処するのか」など、たくさんの質問をしました!

We had so much fun in our Gym lesson. We actively engaged in all the physical activities from exercise to race and rope activities with jumping, crawling, and skipping. Our fine motor and gross motor skills are way stronger this year.


We also had our Music Lesson this week!