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Happy Father’s Day-Shooting Star-June 10th-14th

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Shooting Star’s blog again!

This week, we finished our craft for Father’s Day. We decorated our card with a cut out superman logo and a necktie made out of origami paper intended for the superheroes of our lives. Daddies, we appreciate you. Thank you for doing your roles at home. Happy Father’s Day!


For our unit of inquiry, we played the YES or NO game by checking the answers about dad’s role at home. If the answer is yes, we placed the sticker on the YES chart and if the answer is no, on the NO chart. This is in line with our second line of inquiry which is, Each family has different individual roles. We strived to be thinkers and knowledgeable during the activity.

UOIでは、お父さんの家での役割に注目!オープンデーでインタビューした結果をもとに、Yes Noの表を作成しました!多くのお父さんが家事をしていましたよ✨素敵💖

We had our Gym lesson. For the first time the parachute game was introduced to us. First, Shooting Star class spread out in a circle and held the edge of the parachute. Then, we began to move it up and down to create waves. Boys and girls took turn to walk on the parachute and jumped together while the other group was creating the waves. Finally, we raised the parachute upward and everyone went under the parachute at the same time and sat down, pulling the parachute behind us to create a mushroom shape. It was a mesmerizing parachute experience and we are looking forward doing it again on our next Gym lesson.


We checked our small garden in the school yard and look! Our cherry tomato plants are bearing four baby tomatoes now.

We went to the park on-foot and we had so much fun playing with Milky Way.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.