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Our Gym Open Day-Shooting Star-July 1st-5th


Welcome to our first blog for the month of July.

Thank you parents, grandparents, and relatives for coming to our Gym Open Day. We have witnessed how delighted our young learners doing the gym activities with you all. Although, a couple of students had a hard time coping up the momentary separation after the Gym lesson, however, they have shown resiliency by managing their emotions and recovering quickly from separation anxiety.


We made a Tanabata craft to celebrate the Star Festival. We started out our craft by painting the paper plate blue. Then, we drew Orihime and Hikoboshi’s face parts -eyes, ears, eyebrows, nose, and mouth with our colored pencils. Then, we folded origami papers to make their clothing. Finally, we folded the blue paper plate into half, attached Orihime and Hikoboshi on it, and wrote down our name and date on the cut-out star at the back and there it stand ready for decoration.


It’s time to cool down as the temperature is getting hotter. For the first time, we got into the school pool to play in the water. We had so much fun, but at the same time we tried to be communicators by listening to the teachers. After pool, we cleaned up after ourselves.


This week we embarked on our second unit with our theme, Sharing the planet. Our central idea is, Insects impact our lives. And our first line of inquiry is, The characteristics of insects and their growth. We began our unit with insects and non-insects sorting photos activity. Our inquiry-based learners picked out two photos and think by themselves whether they are insects or non-insects and after figuring out, they placed them on the chart. Everyone strived to be thinkers and knowledgeable. Then, to give students ownership of their learning, teachers gave them the choice what they want to learn next. Some students want to learn what insect is, others want to learn the insect body parts, and still others want to learn insects life cycle. To note their choices, teachers wrote down their names on the paper with the topic of their choice.


For phonics lesson, we reviewed the-ag, -at, -am, -ap, -an, -ab, and -ad word family. We carried out the stop dance activity in which students really enjoyed. While the music is on, we move around, but once it stops, we sit down, pick up the CVC words in the hula hoop and read aloud.


Thank you for checking out our weekly blog.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.