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Germs Experiment! Canyon/Savanna Feb. 28- Mar. 4

Hi everyone! Canyon/Savanna class excitedly welcomed a new student on the first day of March and already enjoyed playing with him. Welcome to Canyon/Savanna class, my dear!


This week in our UOI, we had interesting activities to end our LOI3 for this unit. It is very important that our classroom is free from germs and one way to prevent the spread or get rid of them is by washing our hands properly using soap. If our hands are dirty, it can make our classroom dirty too. Germs can also make us sick and we can pass it to other people too. To fully understand how germs spread easily from one person to another and how to stop it, we had an experiment. I explained to them that we can not see germs with our eyes and that we have to use a special tool like a microscope to see it.   I prepared a basin with water in it, ground pepper which serves as germs, dish washing soap, and glitters. The first experiment showed us how to get rid of germs. I sprinkled some pepper on the water and asked the students to dip their fingers in it and observe what happened. The pepper stuck into their fingers and students got very surprised, others got scared because they don’t want germs. The next try, I asked one student to dip his finger in the soap before dipping it into the water with pepper. And students were surprised again to what they saw because the pepper moved away to the sides. Germs don’t like soap, so when you wash your hands properly with soap you will be able to take the germs off from your hands.

今週のUOIでは、このユニットのLOI3を締めくくる興味深いアクティビティを行いました。教室に細菌がいないことはとても重要で、細菌の蔓延を防いだり取り除いたりする方法の1つは、石鹸を使ってきちんと手を洗うことです。私たちの手が汚れていると、教室も汚れてしまいます。また、細菌は私たちを病気にさせ、他の人にもうつす可能性があります。細菌が人から人へと簡単に広がる仕組みと、それを止める方法を十分に理解するために、私たちは実験を行いました。細菌は目で見ることができないので、顕微鏡のような特別な道具を使わないと見ることができないことを説明しました。 用意したのは、水を張った洗面器、雑菌に見立てた挽き胡椒、食器洗い用洗剤、そしてラメです。最初の実験では、雑菌を取り除く方法を紹介しました。水にコショウを振りかけ、子どもたちに指を浸してどうなるか観察してもらいました。胡椒が指に付き、子どもたちはとても驚きましたが、細菌が嫌なので怖がる子どももいました。次に、一人の子には、胡椒の入った水に指をつける前に、石鹸に指をつけてもらいました。すると、胡椒が横に離れていき、子どもたちは再び驚きました。雑菌は石鹸を嫌いますから、石鹸できちんと手を洗えば、手についた雑菌を取ることができますよ。

Another experiment showed us how germs can easily spread or pass on to another person and we used glitters to represent germs. I asked the students to put their hands on the plate with glitters and try to touch their friends’ hands and see what happens. When they touch their friends’ hands, they also get glitters which means if they have germs in their hands and touch someone or something, they can pass it to that person or thing. At the end, they properly washed their hands to get rid of germs. Everyone enjoyed the experience and wanted to do it again, even if we had tried it twice already. If you want to see how your children reacted to our experiment, please do try it at home too. It would be a good reminder for them to always wash their hands properly.


On Friday, we had our Formative Assessment for LOI3. I set up a dirty and messy classroom using pictures and asked them to describe the classroom and what they can do about it. They all said that they have to clean up, so I let them do it by group. First, they picked up all the trash they sewipede around it and threw it in the bin. Then, they wiped the tables, chairs, floor, and boards with a sponge. Lastly, they arranged everything and decided by themselves where to put each thing. Great job, everyone!

金曜日は、LOI3のFormative Assessment(形成的な評価)を行いました。絵を使って汚く散らかった教室を設定して、教室の様子とそれに対して何ができるかを説明してもらいました。みんな「片付けなきゃ」と言うので、グループごとに片付けをしてもらいました。まず、周りに付けているゴミを全部拾って、ゴミ箱に捨てました。そして、テーブル、椅子、床、ホワイトボードをスポンジで拭きました。最後に、自分たちでどこに何を置くかを決め、整理整頓をしました。みんな、よく頑張りましたね。

On Wednesday, Rainforest class shared their presentation with us which is about saving the earth by recycling materials. They showed us various things they created crafts and we were very amazed with their creativity and wide imagination in making those items. Thank you and great job, Rainforest friends!


Every year on March 3rd in Japan, we celebrate Hinamatsuri – also known as Doll Festival or Girl’s Day – to wish and pray for the health and future happiness for all the young girls. In line with this celebration, our class made dolls for our craft. After reading a story about the festival, they started making the craft by wrapping the milk box with colorful papers which serves as the platform for the dolls. Then, they used paper cups for the doll’s body and covered it with origami paper to dress it up. They cut a circle for the face and shapes of hair, crowns and fans and assembled them on the cups. Finally, they drew the faces of the dolls. It was a lot of work, but our boys and girls were able to finish it and were very happy when they saw the result of their hard work. Well done!


It seems like everyone had practiced playing the song Daisukina Pan using their pianica at home. We were surprised that most of them were able to play it correctly while pronouncing the keys. Great job, boys and girls, and thank you so much dear parents for your cooperation!


It’s almost the end of the school year. In the last part of our music lesson, we looked back to one of the first activities we did before and tried it once again. We are glad to see that Canyon/Savanna students have shown lots of improvement in doing this activity because they were able to keep up with the rhythm and produced a synchronised melody. That was fantastic everyone!


That’s it for this week! Thank you for reading our blog and have a nice weekend!