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We can clean up after ourselves! Canyon/Savanna Feb. 4-10

Cleaning up a mess they’ve made themselves is an important part of children’s development. It helps them develop a sense of responsibility. They need to clean/care for the things and space that they are using and to keep their space clean.


In Canyon/Savanna class, students are doing a great job in cleaning up after themselves. In our UOI lesson, we are teaching them the responsibilities that they have to do to keep our classroom clean and organised and they can only do that if they are able to clean up after themselves, specifically after playing, after lunch, after snack, and after making a craft work. Returning the books after using, picking up the trash, wiping the table/floor after a spill, and washing their hands are other ways that they can do to keep their classroom clean and organised. 


We also read a book “Brother Messy, Brother Neat” and our boys and girls were able to relate to the story of the two brothers. They don’t want Pablo because he is messy and doesn’t want to clean his room. On the other hand, they like Nico who likes organising things and keeping his room clean.

We did some writing practice this week. They finished writing letters Nn and Oo. They also practiced tracing their names. 


In Math, our boys and girls completed a worksheet on Addition. They had to count the given objects as addends and write the corresponding number and correct answer. Everyone did a great job in answering their worksheet!


Since we were not able to do the activity for Setsubun, we did it on Tuesday. We got the newspaper balls they made and threw them on the kid demon picture while saying the phrases “Demons out! Good luck in!”


Then, they also made a simple Valentine’s Day card for their mom and dad. They drew a big heart on the front page and wrote Happy Valentine’s Day. Inside the card, they wrote I love you and their name and drew their faces and hearts. I hope you like it, mom and dad!

そして、お父さんとお母さんに贈る簡単なバレンタインカードも作りました。表面には大きなハートを描き、Happy Valentine’s Dayと書きました。カードの中には、I love youと自分の名前を書き、二人の顔とハートを描きました。お父さん、お母さん、気に入ってくれたでしょうか?

That’s it! Thank you for reading our blog. Have a safe and happy weekend!