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Fun Christmas Party! Canyon/Savanna Dec.20-24

楽しいクリスマスパーティー キャニオン/サバンナ 12月20日~24日

Hello everyone and welcome back to our weekly blog!


Kids get very excited about Christmas, and a Christmas party is a great way to reward students for working hard and achieving their goals at school. Canyon/Savanna students worked hard to show a good performance on the Christmas show, so before this year ends we want them to have fun and enjoy the last day of school.


We had a simple Christmas party in our classroom. Canyon/Savanna students played some games which they really enjoyed. We prepared three games for them such as Christmas Basket, Penguin Relay Race, and Christmas Ball Balance Relay. We divided the class into two groups for the relay games. We gave them a card and a big star sticker for the winning team and a small one for the other team. Everybody had so much fun at our Christmas party and we are glad to see how happy they are on the last day of school this year 2021. We had a very merry Christmas at school!


This week, we made two Christmas themed crafts. One is the Christmas tree. Students cut a triangle and decorated it with shiny pipe cleaners and colorful pom poms. We also wrote their Christmas wishes on the star. What a colorful Christmas tree!


Another is a Christmas card for their parents. First, we made a Santa hat using origami paper and stuck it on the card with their picture wearing the hat. They wrote the message “Merry Christmas, and I <3 You!” In the front page, they created a gift box design using origami paper, paper tape, and a ribbon. They were very excited to give it to their mom and dad. I hope you like it! Merry Christmas!

もうひとつは、両親へのクリスマスカードです。まず、折り紙でサンタの帽子を作り、帽子をかぶった自分の写真と一緒にカードに貼り付けました。メッセージは “Merry Christmas, and I ♡ You!”と書きました。表には、折り紙と紙テープ、リボンを使ってギフトボックスのデザインを作りました。お父さん、お母さんに渡すのがとても楽しみです。気に入ってもらえるとうれしいです。Merry Christmas!

In Math, we started a new lesson which is about numbers that can make 10. Our activity was called “I can make 10! The teacher showed them a card with a specific number of red beads and the students had to color the same number of beads on their paper and they had to color the remaining beads with green, to show two numbers that can make 10. They also wrote the number of red and green beads on the line and the total number of beads which is 10. For example, 2 red and 8 green make 10.

算数では、10になる数についての新しいレッスンが始まりました。私たちのアクティビティは、「I can make 10! 先生が赤いビーズのカードを見せると、子どもたちは同じ数のビーズを紙に塗り、残りのビーズを緑で塗って、10を作ることができる2つの数を表しました。また、線の上にある赤と緑のビーズの数と、10になるビーズの合計数を書きました。例えば、赤2個と緑8個で10になります。

In Phonics, we finally finished matching all the 26 uppercase letters of the alphabet to their lowercase. We had a total of three cut and paste matching uppercase and lowercase letters activities which also enhanced students’ cutting and pasting skills. Well done!


We went to the park and gym. Canyon/Savanna students actively played at the playground and participated in different activities prepared by the teacher in our gym class. Great job, everyone!


This month, we had an earthquake drill and students were reminded of the safety rules during and after an earthquake. It’s very important that our children know what to do and be prepared in case of an emergency like an earthquake.


Since we are going to have a long holiday, our students independently packed their clothes and cleaned their lockers. They put all their belongings in their craft bag and wiped their baskets and lockers. Thank you so much little helpers!


That’s all! Thank you for reading our blog! We all wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!