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Empathy for Animals! Canyon (Aug. 23-27)

サバンナ、キャニオン (8月23日~27日 )

Hi everyone and welcome back to our weekly blog update!


This week in the UOI lesson, we watched a video about how human actions affect animals and Canyon students were also emotionally affected by what they saw in the video. They kept saying, “Oh, no! It’s bad!” When I asked them what they felt after watching the video, they said they were sad.


Then, they completed a worksheet by identifying whether the human actions shown in the pictures are good or bad for the animals. Each of them were able to tell what’s happening in the picture and got all the correct answers. Well done!


We had Music class on Thursday. They played maracas and castanets along with the music being played by the instructor. They also sang new songs!🎵


In phonics, the letter of the week is Q as in Queen, quiet, quail, quill, quilt, question mark, and quarter. They colored the pictures of those words and practiced writing uppercase Q.

フォニックスでは、今週の文字はQで、Queen(女王)quiet(静かな)quail(鶉)quill(羽根ペン)quilt(キルティング)question mark(クエスチョンマーク)quarter(4分の1)などの意味があります。これらの単語の絵に色を塗り、大文字のQを書く練習をしました。

In math, they practiced writing number 5 and rote counting up to 100. We also reviewed numbers 1-20 through flashcards!


This month, we had a Fire Drill. Students were taught how to evacuate when the school is on fire. They had to follow the rules “O-HA-SHI-MO-TE” which we explained to them in Japanese and English.


We have been spending more time practicing for the upcoming Sports Fest and our boys and girls are very excited to show you their performance! We always remind them to show a big smile and do big movements/actions when dancing for better performance. So far everyone has been very cooperative and doing a great job!


That’s it! Thank you for reading our blog and have a wonderful weekend!