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Canyon October 7-11

Since Halloween is coming up soon, Canyon class started to make a craft decoration for our Halloween party! This week our class made a jack-o’-lantern out of a paper cup, strips of orange and black colored papers, and a pipe cleaner. It is shaped like a pumpkin that has a its facial features. They were able to do it by following the steps of coloring, flipping, and pasting.

This month, we are practicing new phrases such as: Can I have a ball, please?, Can I have a red one, please? Here you are., Thank you. We’ve been doing it through singing a song and trying to use these phrases in our conversation.
今月も新しいフレーズの習得に挑戦しています。Can I have a ball, please?(ボールをもらっていい?), Can I have a red one, please? (赤いのをもらっていい?)Here you are.(どうぞ), Thank you.(ありがとう) というフレーズが入った歌をみんなで歌って覚えています。お友達との物の貸し借りなどの際に、このフレーズが使えるように挑戦しています。

On Monday, we had a fire drill. Everyone was gathered in our evacuation area which is the ISN car parking area. Students were taught how to evacuate during fire emergency and the safety rules to be followed. Safety rules were given in Nihongo and translated into English.

O – Ha – Shi – Mo – Te
Osanai- Do not push.
Hashiranai- Do not run.
Shaberanai- Do not speak.
Modoranai- Do not return.
Tewokuchini- Cover your mouth.
キャニオンさん達も、静かに移動することが出来ました。Good job!!

In IB lesson, we talked about different emotions wherein we sang a song that told us what actions do we do when we are happy, sad, angry, hungry, and sleepy. Canyon were able to show their feelings through those actions. “When I’m happy, I laugh.”
“When I’m sad, I cry.”
“When I’m angry, I stomp my feet.”
“When I’m hungry, I eat a snack.”
“When I’m sleepy, I go to sleep.”

Another song is…

We also discussed about Magic Words which will help them to express their feelings using nice words. Examples are Good morning, Good afternoon, Thank you, You’re welcome, Please, Excuse me, and I’m sorry. With these, we had an agreement that once they use one of those magic words, they will receive a bead and put it in the bucket they made. Yes, they made a bucket using origami paper and it has their picture on it.

Next week, we’ll learn about more words that can fill their buckets. Let’s find out if they will be a bucket filler or a bucket dipper?