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Canyon September 24-27

Hello, Canyon families!
This week we had our assessment on our last UOI lesson for the Unit 2 which is about 3 Rs- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. There were 3 boxes and 3 pictures, and they would identify which picture shows the act of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Among the 3 Rs, Reduce was the easiest for them that they were able to identify the picture quickly and correctly.
今週は3 Rs- Reduce(使う量を減らす), Reuse(再利用), Recycle(リサイクル)に関する、ユニット2最後のアセスメントをしました。3つの箱と3つの絵を使って、どの絵が「使う量を減らす」、「再利用」、「リサイクル」を表すのか識別しました。3つの中で、Reduce(使う量を減らす)が一番わかりやすかったようで、すばやく認識することが出来ました。

In phonics, we studied about the letter Ww as in wolf, wrench, worm, and whale. We tried to find letter W in their names and we found two Ws!
フォニックスの学習では、今週はWwの文字について学習し、Wから始まる、wolf(オオカミ)、 wrench(レンチ)、worm(芋虫)、whale(くじら)という言葉を覚えました。キャニオンのお友達の名前の中からWを探して、2人のお友達の名前にWが入っていることに気がつきました。

The weather was fine the whole week, so Canyon was able to have fun and play with their friends in our school playground.

Finally, we will have our Sports Festival tomorrow! All our students are very excited to showcase what they’ve got and practiced for more than a month! See you all tomorrow and we’re sure that you will all be proud to your children and will enjoy this event!