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Canyon September 17-20

Sports Festival indeed is coming very soon and Canyon students can’t wait to show what they have been doing and practicing for weeks to their parents! Each of them is very eager to improve on their performance to make sure that their mommies and daddies will be happy and proud of them!


We did garbage sorting activity using these improvised bins. They have learned that garbages should not be put altogether in 1 bin. These garbages must be separated accordingly.


Show me a letter V! The class have enjoyed showing letter V using the different parts of their bodies! Most of the time, we use our index finger to write letters in the air, but this time we tried to use our elbows and one of our feet. Show me your elbow and let’s write letter V! Stand on one foot, then use the other one in writing letter V!

Sitting at their chairs quietly and doing their work attentively is how they did our math activity! Everyone was so busy doing their number 7 mosaic and spotting this number. Find all the number 7s and encircle them! You all did well, Canyon!