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Canyon September 2-6

Happy month of September, Canyon families! It has been a busy but productive week for Canyon students!

This week, Canyon showed their planning skills and creativity in making a toy using recyclable materials. What toy do you want to make? What are the materials will you use? Plan and decide how you can make it! Tape here, and there! Paint here, and there! We made it! Is it a train? Car? Robot? Rocket? Truck? Airplane? Helicopter? Whatever you call it, you did great Canyon!

In the gym, we had our first rehearsal for the Sports Festival! It was fun and exciting seeing other ISN students and teachers getting ready for the upcoming event. We walked and ran! We sang and danced! We played games!

In line with our transdisciplinary theme ‘How we organize ourselves’, Canyon students were taught how to fold their clothes properly. So, every time they need to change clothes into pajamas or vice versa, they should fold them nicely on their own. Hopefully, they can also practice this at home, so they can be more organized eventually.

Finally after two months of everyday playing with friends in the outside pool, we’re back to our regular activity every Mondays and Fridays which is walking to the park and play. They really missed this place!

Keep updated through our blog! Thank you for reading!