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Canyon August 5-9

We can turn our trash into an art!
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
Our second Unit of Inquiry is all about 3Rs. We started our lesson by showing them different materials that can be seen at home such as food tray, soda can, plastic bottle, plastic bag, tissue box, and newspaper. Usually after using those materials, we just throw them away. But this time, they learned that we can make something new out of those materials.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Canyon students created a toy boat using a food tray came from their house. Everyone was excited how they could make a boat out of a food tray! They designed their boat with their different drawings using colored markers. It was also a perfect craft for summer. They were able to use it and enjoyed playing in the pool. You could see how happy they were in their recyled boat!

This week, we discussed the first R which is REDUCE that means to use less or buy less. Examples are turn off the lights before leaving, turn off the tap when brushing teeth, use cloth bag instead of plastic bag, and use water bottle instead of disposable plastic bottle.
In phonics, our focus was about letter Qq as in quarter, queen, quilt, quail, question mark, quiet, and quill. They enjoyed singing the song of the letter Q.
フォニックスの学習では、今週はQqの文字を学習しました。 Qから始まる言葉、quarter(25セントコイン)、queen(女王)、quilt(キルト)、 quail(ウズラ)、question mark(クエスチョンマーク), quiet(静かな)、quill(羽ペン)が出てくる歌を歌って楽しみました。みんな動きをつけながら上手に歌っています。

We have been practicing for the upcoming Sports Festival on September! Canyon students are showing confidence in dancing and singing! Good job, everyone!!!


We’ll have a long holidays next week! May you have a fabulous and relaxing holidays with your family! See you again!