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Canyon July 16-19

This week, we delved into our UOI which is about CLEAN and DIRTY. Canyon were able to identify which classroom/park/beach is clean and dirty. When they saw the picture of a dirty classroom/park/beach, they spontaneously said the words “clean up” which was a good sign of initiative.
We also talked about environmental pollution such as land pollution, water pollution, and air pollution. We discovered the causes of these pollution and because of these forms of pollution our land, water, and air become dirty. Through pictures, they were able to identify what kind of pollution occurred.
We’ve been practicing rote counting from 1-50. First, they count by singing our number song. Then, they try to count by themselves in a moderate speed so they can pronounce the numbers clearly and be more familiar with the numbers. Canyon students are also practicing writing numbers.
今週は「きれい」と「汚い」について探求をしました。キャニオンさん達は色々な教室、公園、ビーチの写真を見て、それらがきれいか汚いかを識別しました。汚い教室、公園、ビーチの写真を見せた時に、自然にClean up!(きれいにしよう!)という言葉がみんなの口から出てきました。玩具のお片付けなど、きれいにする!という考えがすでに身についているようです。

Recognition of numbers has also given focus which we did through our Bingo game! This time, they were more focused in listening what number they should find in their cards. They were more eager to say “BINGO”!

金曜日は、「不審者」の避難訓練をしました。先生が、「不審者とはお母さん、お父さん、先生でもない人。もしかしたらみんなのことを傷つけたり、連れて行ってしまうかもしれないよ。」と言うとちょっと怖くなってしまったようです。「今日は練習だよ。」と伝えてから、避難時のお約束を伝えました。・先生の指示を静かに聞くこと・大声を出したりふざけたりしないでドアから離れたところに避難すること。実際の訓練では、指示通り静かに動くことが出来ました。Good job!!

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