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Canyon June 24- 28

Good bye, June! Good bye, Unit I!
Yes, we are finished in Unit I- Who We are! We did our assessment this week with a brief video presentation of their outputs for the whole unit by introducing the face they drew, their hand and foot print and retelling what are the things they like. Canyon students tried to say: This is me…This is my face, my hand, and my foot…I like… To refresh what they have learned, we also had an interview about the lessons and activities we had for this unit. They were able to say that they enjoyed learning those lessons and to choose what lesson they liked the most.
本日でユニット1「Who We Are」の探求が終了しました。今週はユニット1を総復習するアセスメントをしました。ビデオを録りながら、みんなに自分で描いたお顔、手形、足形の紹介や自分たちの好きな物について短い発表をしてもらいました。キャニオンさん達は、「これは私/僕です。これは私/僕の顔、手、足です。私/僕は〇〇が好きです。」とビデオの前で英語でお話しました。いままで探求した事を思い出すために、今回のユニットで行ったレッスンや活動についてインタビューをしました。楽しんで探求が出来た事、どのレッスンが一番楽しかったなど先生にお話しすることが出来ました。
Aside from these, we also had a birthday party, a medical checkup, a craft, a gym and music lesson, phonics/writing, and a walk to the park. Yes, this was a busy week for everyone! Yet, everyone had so much fun and learning with each activity!
One from the Canyon class had celebrated his 4th birthday! On his special day, all his friends wished him a happy birthday and asked him how old he is. Everybody is excited to turn 4 years old! Thank you Ms. Aiza for the party!

Star Festival (Tanabata), is our theme for our craft this week, which is observed on July 7th. We began by listening to a legend about Tanabata. As the date approaches, long, narrow strips of colorful paper  are hung inscribed with a wish, such as a child’s dream of becoming a famous soccer player or a parent’s hope for career success. In our class, we made a little lantern made out of colorful papers and asked them what they want to become when they grew up. Some of them wants to be a princess, bus driver, police officer, fire fighter, train driver. One of them really admires his Dad that he wants to be like him!
今回のクラフトは七夕をテーマに製作しました。初めにMs. ShizukaにVega (織姫)とAltair(彦星)が登場する七夕のお話を読んでもらってから、製作に取り掛かりました。今年度から使い始めたハサミを使って、七夕飾りを作りました。前回よりも長い線を切ったため、ハサミを開いたり閉じたりしなければならず、真剣に線に沿って切っていました。みんなに「大きくなったら何になりたいか」を聞いて先生が短冊に書き、七夕飾りと一緒に飾りました。お姫様、バスの運転手さん、警察官、消防士、電車の運転手さんなどみんなの夢は様々。お父さんの事が大好きで、「お父さんみたいになりたい!」と短冊に書いたお友達もいました。

Canyon students are getting ready for the upcoming Sports Festival! They did a great job in doing our stretching exercises and other usual activities we had. Hula-hoops were present and we used them as our path while jumping with one leg, and two legs.

In phonics, we focused on letter K as in key, knot, kangaroo, and koala. They also practiced writing this letter in three strokes.
Although this week was kinda rainy, we had a chance to go walk to the park and played with Aurora friends.
フォニックス学習では、 Kで始まる単語、key(鍵)、 knot(結び目)、 kangaroo(カンガルー)、koala(コアラ)に注目しました。みんなで手を挙げてKの文字を3画で書く練習もしました。梅雨の晴れ間をぬって、月曜日は公園に歩いて行ってオーロラさん達と一緒に遊ぶことが出来ました。

What a rainy Friday!
Unfortunately, our Bus trip was postponed because of the not so good weather today.
Luckily, everyone still had enjoyed this day! Yes, we had a chance when the rain stopped. Canyon was able to play outside in the school yard. Of course, we don’t want their parents’ effort to spoil in preparing their bento boxes so we ate our lunch outside and pretended that we’re somewhere at the park! They seemed really like their bento lunch because everybody finished their food! I’m sure their parents will be really happy!