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Canyon April 22-26

Hooray for the last week of April!
Our 3 years old class is getting used to their everyday routine!
This week has been very exciting for all of us because we are learning about “Body Parts” with the central idea “We are the same but different in some ways.” The 3 years old class was able to name and show the different parts of their body. They  had an activity wherein they were able to arrange the puzzle of “Carlo’s Body” with the help of their friends. Yesterday, the 3 years old students tried to make their handprint and footprint using colored paints. Tomorrow, we will discuss about it to compare their handprint and footprint with their friends if they have the same or different size, shape, color, etc.
Where is his hair? Here!(髪の毛はどこ?ここだよ。)
Where does this hand go? There!(この手はどこに行く?あそこ!)
などと英語で会話をしながらCalroくんの体を元通りに戻しました。出来上がっときはWe’re done!ととてもうれしそうなキャニオンさんでした。昨日は絵の具を使って自分たちの手形、足形をとりました。明日はこの手形や足形を並べて、サイズ、形、色などで同じか違うかをみんなで話し合います。

Canyon students also learned about the sound and writing letter “C”. We gave examples of words that start with that letter and later on asked them to give their own.

We’ve been in the park on Monday. First, they have to practice walking nicely as a form of exercise, then can play with the structure after that.
Swimming class was an awesome activity for the Canyon students! They were so excited to jump into the water and meet their instructor and do their lesson.
Gym class got the most of our 3 years old class’ energy! They are always as energetic and hyperactive as they are when they go to the gym. They really love stretching exercises and playing with the ball in different ways.
Earlier, we had our Music lesson! They can almost use “castanets” perfectly together with the music played by their instructor. They can now follow instructions with the right actions with the help of music.

It’s really nice seeing them learning little by little everyday! We can’t wait to see more improvements in them until the end of this school year.
Have a great “Golden Week” everyone!