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Hi everyone!✨

Christmas is just around the corner!🎅🏻
In our class, we made a big Christmas tree on the wall and decorated it with something special. Our ornaments were made of colorful papers with English phrases written on it. Every time our youngsters say something in English, we write it on the ornament and decorate it on the tree. It’s one of our ways to encourage our little ones to speak English more often especially during free time. They are very determined to put more decorations on the tree so they are trying their very best to speak English all the time. Learning English is fun, right?!⭐ Well done, Canyon!!!😍


Aside from the Chirstmas tree, we also have “Best in English” crown to motivate our young ones.👑 Here are our best students this week:

クリスマスツリーだけでなく、”Best in English “の王冠も用意して、みんなのやる気を引き出しています👑!選ばれたどの子も、みんな誇らしげです😊

Being pricipled means doing the right thing without the teachers’ instructions and caring means being kind to others and helping those in need without asking in return. We are so amazed and proud of our kids of how good and responsible they became at school!🤩 Keep it up!👍🏻


This week we conducted a Stranger-danger drill.🚫 We taught them the do’s and don’ts when a stranger approaches them or comes to our campus. It was good to know that our youngsters knew what to do when someone they do not know personally speaks or tries to take them away from their family, teachers and friends.
Here are the rules to follow:
-Don’t follow strangers.
-Don’t get in stranger’s car.
-Scream out loud.
-Run away quickly.
-Let grown-up know.
Good job everyone!✨

不審者対応訓練を行いました🚫 知らない人が近づいてきた時、あるいはキャンパスに来た時、どうしたらいいのかを学びます。「いか、の、お、す、し」の約束を覚えている子も多くいました。ぜひご家庭でも、守るべきルールを一緒に確認してみてくださいね✨






Two of our little ones turned 4 last month!🎈
Time flies… we’re glad we had a chance to celebrate with you. Have a blast!🥰


Have an awesome weekend everyone!💖