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I love my Family- Canyon(May 22-26)

Hello everyone,

How time flies!. There are rainfalls in days in a row and one thing we are excited is, to see the the growing sunflowers we planted in the yard. This week again, we planted the popcorn seeds. We dug the hole and asked each student to take 5 seeds. They counted them with their fingers and planted them straight to the hole and covered them with a soil. Kids also made a poster for our plants. They used their crayons to draw some flowers and corns and some insects then we hung them in the garden. Thanks for the rain showers. We are excited to see the corn growing soon.


A present for our family.

In our UOI, we are learning about the people around us and our connection to them and one of them is our family. To show our love and gratitude and being caring to them, we made a vase as a present for them. We used the paper clay, wrapped it around the plastic bottle and leave for one day until they get dry. Then, kids chose the color they like and painted them to make it presentable and nice. We had the chance to go and walk by the river and we picked flowers and put them in the vase to look special. They were excited to hand them to their families and we say the phrase ” I Love You”!


UOIでは、私たちの周りの人々や彼らとのつながりについて学んでいますが、その中のひとつが家族です。私たちは、家族への愛と感謝、そして思いやりを表すために、花瓶を作りました。紙粘土を使い、ペットボトルにつけ、形を作ってからキラキラのビーズをつけてデコレーション。そして、4色の中から自分の好きな色を選んでペイントし、素敵な花瓶に仕上がりました。川沿いを散歩しながら摘んできた花を花瓶に生けて出来上がり。「I Love You」って言いながら渡してみようと、練習をしました。ちゃんと言えたかな?

We learned the phrase “Can we play together?” “Yes, Let’s play together!” “Wait please!” To keep a good relationship with friends, we always encourage the children to say what they feel instead of using their hands to response. Kids shared their opinions on what’s the right thing to do whenever they are involve in the situation. Kids demonstrated how to do it in front of their friends.

“Can we play together? “というフレーズを覚えました。 “Yes, Let’s play together!” “Wait please!” お友達とどうやったら仲良く遊べるのかを、意見を出し合いながら実演してくれました。Canyonクラスでは、ちゃんと自分の言葉を使って口に出すことを常に促しています。

“Emergency pick up Drill” We pretended that a big earthquake happen. We explained and demonstrated to them what to do and the danger of not following the instructions. They all got ready and had their backpacks on, until their parents pick them up. Kids waited until their names were called and confirmed if it’s really their families who picked them up. Dear parents, we really appreciate your cooperation for picking up the children as soon as you were get notified.

「緊急避難引き渡し訓練」 大きな地震が起きたと想定して行いました。どうすればいいのか、その指示に従わない場合の危険性を説明し、実演しました。保護者の方が迎えに来ても呼ばれるまで待っている事、勝手に帰ってしまったら帰ったことに気づけなくて探してしまう事を伝えると、ちゃんと自分の名前が呼ばれるまで待つ事が出来ていました。保護者の皆様、お忙しい中ご参加いただき本当にありがとうございました。

D Phonics. This week, we learned and recognise the letter “D”. Everyone pronounced the letter very well and participated in the activity. We lay on the floor the phonics D flashcards, they are D-D duck, dinosaur, doughnut, diamond, and more. Well done, Canyon. They picked up the flashcards which start with the letter “D” and say it in front of their friends. Well done, Canyon.

Dフォニックス 今週は、「D」という文字を学びました。D-D duck, dinosaur, doughnut, diamondなどのフラッシュカードを床に並べ、Dから始まるフラッシュカードを手に取り、友達の前でDを言うゲームでは、みんな上手に発音して、楽しんでアクティビティに参加できました。

Elmer- The Elephant We read the book about Elmer, the elephant who has a patchwork colours. He felt he was being laugh by friends so he wanted to have his original color back. Animals in the jungle love him of what he is. We learned a lesson of being “It’s OK being different”. Everybody can be friends.

“Elmer- The Elephant” パッチワークの色を持っている象のエルマーの本を読みました。みんなと同じ色になりたいとグレーの色を身体に塗りますが、今度は周りの友だちはエルマーに気が付きません。それに気が付き元の色に戻したいと思いました。ジャングルの動物たちは、そのままのエルマーを愛しています。私たちは、”It’s OK being different “みんな違っててもいいという教訓を学びました。

Canyon students in indoor and outdoor play

Thank you for reading our blog. Have a wonderful weekend.