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MUDDY PUDDLES- Canyon June 17th-21st

MUDDY PUDDLES- Canyon June 17th-21st

Mud play is worth the mess!

If you’re concerned that germs in mud might affect your child’s health, the Mayo Clinic confirms that playing in the mud can be healthy for your little one in more ways than one including:

1. Healthier Immune System

-the germs found in mud may help strengthen your child’s immune system.

2. Gut Health

-mud play may increase the diversity of friendly bacteria in the body.

3. Emotional Health & Creativity

-mud play allows children to connect and interact with the natural world around them. It helps children develop tactile skills with sensory play, boost their creativity, imagination, independent learning and teamwork. It can also help develop construction, building, and problem-solving skills.

In our UOI lesson, we started our LOI2 where we are discussing “People Around Me.” The students identified the teachers and some of their friends from other classes. To delve further into our discussion, we invited some teachers and friends to visit our class! They shared things they like, where they are from, about their family, their class, the places they went, and the plants they planted. Some of our youngsters asked some questions to them like, “do you like apple?”, “which is bigger orange or lemon?”

It was a great experience for our little ones to listen to and meet other people on campus. By this, we could practice our new learner profile—open-minded, which means we respect others.

Thank you for coming to our class! We enjoyed it a lot.

Summer is here! So our young ones made a beautiful hydrangea flower craft. In making this craft, they used scissors. It was their first time using them, so our youngsters learned some rules when using scissors, such as the following:

-Sit down to do your cutting.

-Always walk when carrying scissors.

-Hold the blade down when walking with scissors.

-Pass scissors handle first to your friends.

We also made an agreement that we will only use scissors for cutting the paper and not our friends’ hair, clothes, and fingers.

Have a great weekend everyone!