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SHARING THE PLANET- Canyon July 1st-5th

Hi everyone!

This week, we started Unit 2 in our UOI lesson. We talked about “Sharing the Planet.” In this unit, we are going to discuss the different types of animals such as land, sea, and farm animals, and how people and animals help each other. To begin with, we first discussed our new learner profile, “caring.” We asked our little ones about their ideas about being caring, which means “we are kind.” Our young ones shared that being caring is “saying I love you,” “heart,” “sharing toys,” and a “hug.” They also shared what pets they have at home. We also expanded the topic by analyzing what it means when we say “sharing the planet.” We asked our youngsters who they think lives on earth. Some of them said animals like alligators, frogs, seahorses, goldfish, elephants, their teachers, Canyon, Savanna, and Rainforest friends, and trees. For our activity, we asked them to put pictures of trees, plants, animals, and people (Canyon students) around the earth. Everybody enjoyed this activity and they are looking forward to learning more in this unit.

It’s summer time!!!

It was perfect weather for our young ones to play in our outside pool. They had fun playing with pool toys, swimming around like a shark and an alligator while listening to different ocean songs.


Our little ones made a star craft for the upcoming Tanabata festival, also known as the “star festival,” which is celebrated every 7th of July. They sewed the straws and stars onto the string. They also listened to the Japanese story of the two stars, Altair and Vega, which are usually separated from each other by the Milky Way. After that, they hung their craft on the bamboo tree outside our classroom. We hope all your wishes come true.

In our phonics lesson, we discussed the letter F, its sound, and the words that begin with it, such as fox, fish, flower, fruit, frog, and finger. For our activity, they looked around the classroom to find uppercase and lowercase letter F using a magnifying glass.

In our writing lesson, they traced the uppercase letter F. Here’s a glimpse of how they did it.


This week’s gym lesson was a special one because our little ones did various exercises with their parents! To all the parents who came to our Gym Open Day, thank you very much for your presence. We were pleased that you all enjoyed this precious moment with our youngsters!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!