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Newly rearranged room (RF 3/4)

As we kick off the month of March, arriving at our last stretch of time that we have left with the children, we rearranged the room to give children a more interesting learning environment. Everyone walked into the room with wow and whoa, it was so comforting to hear a lot of them comment, “It’s just like a new classroom! We love it!” What a magic a little change can do to give the children a fresh start even though it is their last month with us. We sure hope they leave ISN with many fond memories as they go on to the next part of life’s journey.  


This week the children presented their UOI final project to the Canyon class. Some were nervous, some were not sure how to put their words together, while others spoke with confidence, knowing what they wanted to convey to the Canyon class. With a bit of teachers’ assistance, they wrote down their ideas and rehearsed many times in front of the class, with a friend, or at the computer before the actual presentation. All of them did such an amazing job! Ms. Fronie was so touched as she has witnessed how much these children have grown since two years ago! Everyone spoke confidently and presented their ideas and projects to the Canyon class through the online links. The Canyon class got to see and play with the projects that Rainforest children have made, and they were absolutely thrilled!  

今週、子どもたちは UOI の最終プロジェクトをキャニオンクラスのお友達に発表しました。緊張している子、どう言葉をまとめていいかわからない子、何を伝えたいかわかっていて自信を持って話している子、様々でした。担任のサポートを受けながら、自分のアイデアを書き留め、本番までにクラスの前で、友達と一緒に、あるいはコンピューターに向かって何度もリハーサルを行いました。みんな、本当によく頑張りました。2年前と比べ、子どもたちの成長を目の当たりにし、フローニー先生も感激していました。みんな自信を持って、自分のアイデアやプロジェクトをオンラインでキャニオンのクラスに発表してくれました。キャニオンクラスはレインフォレストの子供たちが作ったプロジェクトを見て、遊ぶことができ、大喜びでした。

As the weather got warmer, the children enjoyed both indoor and outdoor play. They haven’t been to the shrine for a while, so they got really excited when they got there. It is always fun to play the fruit basket game with friends when the weather does not permit outdoor play. Nonetheless, the children enjoyed every moment they had left with each other. 


Oh the fun just never ends when children brainstorm together about what they are going to do during free play time. Some worked as paleontologists digging for fossils, while some worked in the restaurant selling food to the customers, and the business was great! Some children prefer to work alone; writing up the math addition equations and solving them; drawing pictures; working on puzzles, or just writing a letter to someone. 


This week we took some time to talk about the current issue between Russia and Ukraine, as the concept of what caused it might be hard for some children to grasp.  We did a simulation where each child got a piece of a map puzzle representing the different countries. As we played out how some countries formed alliances, they figured out what I was going at. The children immediately shared what they already know and how they understand the situation. We got lots of great input. Some children commented, it is not principled to take over other countries, or to use force to stop someone from being friends with someone else. The children talked about what we can do to help, and brainstormed a few options.  Hopefully they have shared with you as well. 

今週は、現在のロシアとウクライナの問題について、何が原因かという概念が子どもたちにはわかりにくいかもしれないので、少し時間をとって話をしました。 子どもたちは、それぞれの国を表す地図パズルのピースを手に取り、シミュレーションを行いました。ある国がどのように同盟を結ぶかを演じているうちに、伝えたい内容がわかってきたようです。子どもたちは、すでに知っていることや、その状況をどう理解しているかをすぐに共有しました。素晴らしい意見がたくさん出ました。何人かの子どもたちは、他の国を乗っ取ったり、誰かが誰かと仲良くするのを武力で止めたりするのは、道義に反するとコメントしました。子どもたちは、私たちに何ができるかを話し合い、いくつかの選択肢をブレーンストーミングしました。 お家でもお話してくれたのではないでしょうか。

Phonic lessons are always fun as children continue to learn about vowel teams. They mark down the vowel teams and the words they can make using the sounds. They all work together to create words and look at what a great teamwork!