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This is what meaningful learning look like! RF 1/28

It was such a pleasant day to be out playing. The children really enjoyed digging up things in the sandbox, and prepared their “food” for the party. Some boys were there digging up fossils, being the real paleontologists! While others were just happy to be out running and playing tags. Just as they almost used up all their energies, it was time for snacks! What perfect timing!


This week the children really had a blast getting their hands sticky! During the UOI lessons, they went on a nature walk, collected items for the nature collages, and went to work! Another day, they learned about how plants are important to all living things, and we talked about some of the items that were made from the trees. Paper was one of the man made products from the trees, the children used paper and made papier mache Oni masks. They sure had such a fun and busy week!


In whatever the children did this week, they did it to their excellence. Whether it was phonics, reading, writing, Japanese class, or math lessons, they were focused. They tried their best to understand new concepts that were taught, as well as reviewed and practiced already learned materials.  Most importantly, they enjoyed all the activities! Just look at their awesome work and have the right aptitude for learning!  

今週の子どもたちは何をするにしても持てる力を精一杯発揮してくれていました。フォニックス、リーディング、ライティング、日本語の授業、算数の授業、どれをとっても、子どもたちは集中して取り組んでいました。新しく習ったことを理解しようとしたり、すでに習ったことを復習したり、練習したりと、一生懸命でした。 そして何より、すべてのアクティビティを楽しんでいました。彼らの学ぶことに対する積極的な姿勢は本当に素晴らしいです!