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Stay active despite the chilling weather RF 1/21

As the colder weather and the infectious COVID continues, the chances of children visiting the park or being outdoors has greatly decreased. On rare days when the weather permits we tried to be outdoors as much as possible, and the children absolutely loved it! We are certainly grateful that the indoor gym allowed children chances to exercise or move their bodies. We are hoping after the COVID cases calm down, things will somehow get back to normalcy and we can visit the pool and have our regular park visits again. Meanwhile, we just enjoy what we can during this very trying time. 


The children’s pretend play skill has gone up another notch! They love using their imagination in playing house, cooking in the kitchen, hiding under the tables as their secret fort, or pretending to be pets in the house. The fun never ends!


This week the children learned about the 12 zodiac signs and their stories. The children further learned that this year is the year of the tiger and as a follow up activity they created their own version of the tigers. They were so skilled in drawing and each tiger has got its own personality. It was impressive! 


In January, the children are learning about 2D and 3D geometry. They learned more complex shape names, and how to spot them in the environment. They loved going around the room to point out the shapes the teacher mentioned. We played a shape matching game in class, and it was hard having to find the same shapes with a partner by asking “Do you have a triangle shape?” as they hold onto the slice of pizza card. It took them a while to get used to finding a matching shape. As the weeks progressed, they will certainly get better in identifying shapes. 


This week during UOI the children continued to talk about and identified natural and man-made resources. Initially, it was difficult to distinguish items that are natural as it requires some deeper thinking. Some children have trouble classifying water and wind as natural resources, and they thought bread is also natural resources. But with more practice, they were able to say with confidence what natural resources and man-made resources are and how to distinguish between them. We are so proud of their progress and cannot wait to unfold another LOI lesson next week. In phonics, they have learned how to contract words with NOT, and had some chances to practice with a partner. 

今週の UOI では、引き続き天然資源と人工資源について話し、色々な物をそれぞれのグループに分けました。最初は、自然なものを見分けるのはなかなか難しい様子でした。水や風を天然資源と見なすのが難しい子や、パンも天然資源だと思う子もいました。しかし、練習を重ねるうちに、天然資源と人工資源とは何か、どう区別するのかを自信をもって言えるようになりました。私たちは彼らの成長をとても誇りに思い、レッスンを展開していくのが楽しみです。