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Budding Artists (Unit 4) Rain Forest (October 14th- 18th)

Hello everyone!
In Phonics, we are now learning about vowel teams. They is combining two vowels together making a new sound. The students had fun playing the games in class and working together practicing this new topic. It was fun seeing them get to work.
This week we stared out new unit which talked about expressing ourselves through art! Since Rain forest is very creative and likes to make crafts everyday, this will be a great unit for them to get that creativity into a tangible form.
For this unit, we are going to explore various forms and elements of art. This week we began with learning about the line. The students practiced making different kinds of lines on paper. There are straight lines, curvy, loopy, wavy, to name a few, that the students got experience at making. Since the lines are about art, we turned to another kind of art, the sculpture. Using the knowledge of lines, the students made sculptures out of the different lines we learned in class.

So we could learn even more about art, we got to go to an art museum.  We saw many amazing works of art, which the students can use as inspiration for their own pieces of art they will make during this unit.

This week the students also got to go to tennis practice and have fun getting better playing tennis. They played well and showed lots of energy practicing their skills.