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Rainforest (Sept. 23rd – 27th)

Welcome to another short but energizing week of school. This week might have been short but we continued to do work during this week and lots of other activities to keep the week interesting.
In phonics this week, the students practiced writing to work on their writing skills in class about what they did over the holiday. Additionally this week, the students worked further on contractions. After we reviewed how to make a contraction and its importance in reading, the students worked together in class being “contraction detectives.” They needed to look at contractions in cards and working together had to write the two words that made the contraction. An example would be “didn’t” and then they needed to write on the paper “did not.” This exercise was a good way to practice the UOI central idea of a shared responsibility to achieve a common goal because each students had two cards and in a group they all needed to work together to help all group members solve the cards they had to complete the activity.
フォニックスでは引き続きライティング能力を向上するために、3連休になにをしたかを絵日記形式で書きました。今週は短縮単語について学びました。例えば、Didn’tはDid notの短縮された単語です。グループにわかれみんなで助け合い、「短縮単語の探偵」になり与えられた単語をじっくり観察し、短縮される前の単語を書き出すアクティビティをしました。このアクティビティはUOIにも関係しています。目標達成するにはチームの中での自分の責任を果たすことです。みんな一生懸命自分の与えられた単語を書き出していました。その中でもチームの助け合いも見られました。みんなで力を合わせて目標を達成することの大切さを毎日色々な形で学んでいます。

For the UOI time this week we continued to look at how to achieve a common goal in class. One area we looked at was the importance of following instructions and communication. Another area we looked at was about how practice makes perfect.
To show the importance of the first area: following instructions and communication to achieve a common goal, the students had to construct an aquarium with a partner without looking at the others craft. They had to communicate the best they could with the goal of creating similar artworks without looking at the others work directly. This helped to show if you talk to the people in your team and follow the instructions given to you, you can complete your goal that you all share.

Another part of achieving a common goal we looked at was how practice makes perfect. The students looked at a video of them practicing the Tarzan dance in the beginning and now to see to come to the conclusion, through discussion, that you need to practice to make something perfect. Then the students needed to reflect on the skills we set as goals in class to improve. After thinking about these skills, they needed to come up with a way they could practice the skill to improve that particular skill. The importance was to help them see if they practice what they put in their worksheet, then they can perfect the skill they are working on.
This week the weather was really good and the temperature was nice. Since the weather was this nice, we went to a nearby park and the students got to explore and have fun being outside.