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Rainforest (August 26th – 30th)

This week was full of learning about systems and the rules we must follow. The class worked well together and helped each other very well this week and we were able to do lots of things in class.
In UOI, we looked into the next part of our unit. We looked at various systems we have and the rules that keep them working together well. The students looked at various presentations and got to offer their opinion about which systems they thought were running well and what they thought. The kids got to see how a system looks with rules and without rules. They made posters to show how things look with and without rules like their lockers and in the world. They looked at what rules they should follow to make sure they have a world with rules. At the end of the week they also gave presentations with the Milky way class to present the rules they must follow to work on presentation skills. After presenting, we hung the rules around school to help, not only ourselves, but everyone remember the rules to follow to keep things organized and running.

During this week they also had fun swimming and they had lots of fun. At gym they also continued practicing for sports festival. I was impressed to see the energy all the students showed for this upcoming event. I am looking forward to seeing everyone give it their all.

This was a good week overall and I am impressed with everyone’s progress.
Have a great weekend.