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Rainforest (August 19th – 23rd)

Hello, welcome back from vacation. I hope everyone had a good and restful time. I hope everyone is rested and ready to return to school. This week we got readjusted to school life and did review as well as continue our UOI unit we are currently studying.
In phonics this week we reviewed the different ways of using words when reading or writing. We practiced by being in groups and each student would pick words from a book to give to their partner. Then by sounding out the word and from listening to the partner, the student had to spell the word as best they could. After spelling the word the student would show what they spelled and the partner would help correct the word if spelled wrong. Then they would switch sides and then continue.

In UOI this week we continued our lesson of roles and responsibilities. We finished the paper dolls we began before break. Then the students would have to share with the class what role their puppet does in the community and what is their responsibility. They got further practice by listening to short stories in class and then raise their puppet when they hear their puppets role being talked about in class. We also looked at responsibilities and why they are at important. We talked about and shared responsibilities that we have to do at home and at school by drawing them and making a picture of it. Then we collected our shared responsibilities and placed them on a class responsibility wall.

In gym class we exercised and continued our practice for sports festival. We also began to practice some of the sports, like relay race, that we will do during the sports festival. It was great to see the energy the showed in practice. At tennis practice we had fun remembering the basics of good tennis skills with everyone. Everyone had fun hitting the ball with everyone in class.