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Rainforest (August 5th-9th)

This week was a good week before the big holiday break we are going into from next week. The students this week got more practice working together.
In phonics we got more practice working with reading new words. The students review the difference between then and than. They also did good working together solving sentences and when to use these two words.

This week we began our UOI over unit 3. The students began by seeing different roles people can perform in the community as well as responsibilities that they have when doing their role. The students also got to organize and create a map of a classroom community. The students did well doing these projects and discussions about the topic. It was a good start to this unit.

The students did well in gym as well as in classroom practice of their sports festival dances. They are getting even better and it is great to see how much they are improving.
Wish everyone a good holiday and have lots of fun.