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Rainforest (May 7th – 10th)

Hello everyone. Welcome back from Golden week. I hope you had lots of fun and relaxation. I enjoyed hearing your stories of what you did over Golden week break. It was very interesting the imagination you showed when making your story. This week we worked on skip counting numbers from 2’s, 5’s, and 100’s. The students got to go to play Tennis and were very happy about it. They enjoyed playing and having fun hitting the ball. We also reviewed independence and how we should act in and outside the classroom, just in case they forgot over break. We also reviewed vocabulary from the Unit 1 we are looking at right now. The song for this month is the Totoro song, “Stroll”. I was impressed many students remembered from last year. We continued the song by working to learn the second part of the song so that students can be comfortable singing the whole song. Many students have taken on more rolls in class which puts responsibility with the students, like locker help, table help, library help, etc. This will let the students take a more active roll in class. It is good to be back and see all the students. I liked getting to meet all the parents and learn even more about all the students.