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What a fun week it has been! SVRF 10/24

 The long awaited puppet show is finally here! We have kept it a surprise to the children up to this point, and it was exciting to hear them shout for joy as we disclosed this surprise to them the morning of the event. The story was captivating and the message of the story warmed our hearts as we watched the performance. The children were able to retell the story during UOI and drew their favorite part of the show. Thanks to the HOBOZU Puppet Show Organization for their visit and presentation, we absolutely enjoyed it!

Having gym lessons in school was fun. With the limited space we have, the gym coach had the children practice a few skills and they were extremely excited.Though some were difficult moves, but the children tried their best. 

A while ago, some children had a discussion about the solar system and planets. It seems that their interest in this topic has greatly increased in the past few months. To make it fun for the children we made “Galaxy Bottles” after a  brief discussion about the planets and our solar system in relation to the galaxy we belong to. Simultaneously, we had an experiment to examine the relationship between water and oil. In particular looking at how water weighs more than oil. The children were thrilled to carry out such a fun experiment!

During the UOI lesson this week the children learned about fiction and nonfiction books. They had a good foundation when it came to this concept. They got to deepen their understanding by doing an exercise to organize books into fiction and nonfiction. We continued to sharpen the children’s understanding of the elements of a story by discussing a few more stories, primarily our winter show story. 

We have been practicing high frequency words and having a discussion about the season fall during our circle time. The children moved on from set A words to set B1 this week. We are so glad to see the progress they are making and be able to recognize prints and words on the walls or when the teachers were writing. Everyday the children are challenged to think of questions related to fall. By now they are more aware of the changes in the seasons and the environment. We are hoping this practice will help them become more of an inquirer that can construct questions on their own some day.