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Can you hear it popping? SV/RF 11/11

It has been such an exhilarating experience for the children to have a movie and popcorn day during UOI this week. Nothing beats the smell and taste of scrumptious buttered popcorn! More importantly, the children learned that movies or animation is one of the ways we can tell a story aside from reading a book or acting. What is a better way to learn these concepts than having the children experience it themselves?! We are thrilled to see the bright smiles on their faces and hear them say their hearts are racing out of excitement! 

Great shout out to all the families who came to help build our music wall at the sweet potato baking party!! Thanks to their hard work and effort the children are able to enjoy making music outdoors!! Just listen and see how much fun they are having through this thrilling sensory experience. 

The children have been practicing flips during the gym lesson. This week we practiced front flip and back flip, though the movements were difficult they had lots of fun. They love the turn and twist group game and still play with it when we come back to school. 

Among other things, the children continue to practice their winter show by participating in the volume practice outside, as well as, using body language to express their characters’ emotions. Despite the chilly weather, the children love to run, play tags, and play soccer in the yard. While indoors they enjoy making projects, playing card games, or cozy up in the library area reading a book together.