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How many days ’til Christmas? SVRF 12/23

Christmas is around the corner and the children had so much fun baking cookies this week! It was a simple recipe and they were surprised how easy it was to make! Not to mention how scrumptious they tasted! What a great way to end the year! 

This week the children enjoyed the relaxing schedule to interact with each other. They love playing with writing pads, making things with manipulatives, building habitats for the insects or dinosaurs, looking at books together, and participating in the show and tell. 

The children continued to practice their blending skills during phonic lessons. Most of the children are getting a hang of how to blend the sounds together to make words. They became more knowledgeable of initial sounds as well as words that rhymes. In addition to the phonic lessons the children will start the reading program in January. Some of the children cannot wait to be reading books on their own!

Circle time is a great time to learn about new concepts. This week we talked about prepositions by playing games, the children really enjoyed it. It is always fun to play the sight word game and the children loved the little competitions. The children had a chance to listen to the Japanese story on the gigantic book. 

The children enjoyed some outdoor activities before this year ended. They like tag games and soccer competitions and sometimes making food in the sand area.