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Rainforest: Be Healthy. Be Active! May 29-June 2

Summer Days are here! Rainforest worked their minds and bodies hard this week. We explored what ‘being active’ means. After being read books from our RAZ collection – ‘Move It’, ‘I Can Skate’, ‘Muscles’ and ‘The Baseball Game’, we brainstormed and represented our ideas in a mind map.

Rainforest shared that being active means ‘to learn, move, run, walk, growing strong muscles, going to our gym and playing sports like tennis and soccer’. Good brainstorming. Of course, superstar baseball player Ohtani was mentioned, and also our very own class celebrity dad from Matsumoto Yamaga FC! We learned a modified version of Captain Ball with simple rules and score keeping. At the end of the game, we shook hands with the other team and said ‘good game’. That is good sportsmanship. We also recorded how we felt Before and After being active.

Being active with nature is important. We welcomed summer by planting red radish seeds. We got our hands dirty, touching and feeling the soil that will nourish our seeds. We played in muddy puddles in the schoolyard too. Till next week, take care. Have a lovely weekend!