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Inquirers – Savanna 4/17 ~ 4/21

“Why? Who? What?” are some of the questions often heard in an environment full of curious kids. These questions may be short and small words but will bring a big change to the world.

This week in Savanna Class, some inquirers shared their questions. They were not exactly connected to our UOI but we still took time to answer them. Most of the questions were about health: Does milk help my dad grow? Why is running fun? Why do people get sleepy? Why babies are small? Why do we have apples for dessert? To answer these questions, we all sat down and started the inquiry with a question: What does your family usually eat? What is your family’s favorite food? and they shared their answers. We then looked into the questions raised by our inquirers and the teacher helped them do some research by playing a short story about a bear who is very strong. We also listened to some songs about good and bad food. After that, we all shared what we heard and saw in the video. Then we read the questions once more and let the students answer them one by one: Eat good food to be big, powerful, and strong!

Our Phonics was a blast. We opened the lesson by looking into animals that have different terms for Mommies and babies like Dog and Puppy, Rabbit and Bunny, Deer and Fawn, etc. and so as with letters, we say Capital letters/Uppercase letters for mommy/big ones, and Small letters/Lowercase for small ones. We all sang the Alphabet song together as we get ourselves familiar with what Capital and Small letters looked like. We then played a game where we need to unite a family. Once we found our pair, we shouted: I found my family!

We love walking and playing in the park. This week we played a game: Grandma Says. The teacher acts like the grandma and shouts: Make a family of (4) and the whole class will run here and there and make a family of the number said by the grandma. We did not just practice social skills here but also our counting skills. It was such a lot of fun especially when we tried clapping instead of saying the number, like how we count syllables. It’s really great to learn through playing.

It has only been 3 weeks since they have become Savanna students, but their maturity is developing fast, and getting more curious every day. We look forward to hearing and encountering more of their questions, learning together as a class, and being the inquirers the world needs!

The gym lesson was so fun, too! Ms. Shino made us play a family game where a family needs to run while holding hands with their family members. There was a challenge before starting to play the game, and it was: How do you make sure you will not lose your grip on your family and be able to come back united? The students all shouted be caring and help your family.

One of the biggest changes since they joined Savannah is that they now carry thier own handkerchief in thier pocket. Everyone is happy to show us their cute handkerchiefs. When I asked them how to keep their precious handkerchiefs from getting lost, they answered, “We should fold them neatly to make it samll. ” They are getting better at using the handkerchief every day by putting it in their own pockets and wiping their hands clean after drying thier hands in the washroom!

Have a lovely weekend, Savanna Family!