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Savanna: We are Sharing the Planet with Minibeasts! July 1-5

What is this? I know this… snail. Oh sooo cute. This snail is big! I can see the spider legs. The caterpillar… he’s eating! This is kamikiri-mushi (long-horn beetle). We can count… 6 legs. This is a tadpole! Spider… 8 legs?

Savanna was really excited about the new theme and unit on Minibeasts. Real insects, spiders and snails were brought into the classroom. Books, photographs and toys were included in the introduction as “provocations” in the IB curriculum. These artefacts help activate the children’s prior knowledge. In the IB curriculum, we believe that children are knowledgeable (one of the Learner Profiles). We build on, address misconceptions, and co-construct knowledge with the students as the inquiries deepen.

Minibeasts are invertebrates which are small animals without a backbone. These include insects (flies, beetles, butterflies and ants), arachnids (spiders, scorpions), myriapods (centipedes and millipedes), and gastropods (snails and slugs).

This month marks the start of our ISN Pool Play! Time to cool off and have fun.

We wrote our wishes for Tanabata Festival and hung them on our bamboo branches along with the lanterns we made. (Please refer to last week’s blog for Tanabata story and song. I wish for a drawing book. I wish to meet my Grandma and Grandpa. I wish that I can have magic! I wish for a kamikiri-mushi! I want to be Ariel!

Thank you dear Savanna families for joining us in Gym Open Day. We had a good time of fitness fun and bonding! Till next Monday, have a beautiful starry lovey-dovey weekend. Happy Tanabata Star Festival!