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“All About Insects”Shooting Star-August 22-26

It’s good to be back after weeks of not publishing our blog due to website maintenance.

✅ Unit of Inquiry 

We learned about the life cycle of different insects such as; snail, beetle, and dragonfly. We watched videos how insects’ life cycle develops. After watching each videos, Shooting Star students worked in cooperative learning by answering the worksheet and presenting it in class. Good collaboration occurred during the cooperative learning, everyone actively engaged. We did research of each insect-what they eat, where they live, what their colors are, how many legs and wings they have, etc. We learned new words from our study like chrysalis (the transformation of a butterfly from egg, to caterpillar, to chrysalis, and finally, adult). Another word that we’ve learned was nymph (the transformation of a dragonfly from egg, to nymph, and to dragonfly. We also learned the words larva, pupa, juvenile, hatching, etc. Then, we made a craft of each insect to bring our imagination to life and to develop our fine motor skills. Please take a look of the different activities we made. Good job, Shooting Star.

また、これらの生物は何を食べるのか?どこに住んでいるのか?何色か?足や羽根はいくつあるかなどのリサーチをしました!リサーチをしながらhrysalis(さなぎ)nymph(とんぼの幼期)などたくさんの新しい言葉を学びました!この他にも larva, pupa, juvenile, hatching,などの言葉も学びました!

✅ Phonics and Writing

We spent time reading the book, I Can Hop. Reading became easier for us as we practiced reading together. We could identify the op and the ot family words and were able to read them.
リーディングの時間では”I Can Hop.”の本を読んで過ごしています。読む練習をするうちにみんな上手に読むことが出来るようになってきました✨今週は”ot”と”op”を識別し読むことが出来ました👏

We practiced writing letters m, n, and o. After accomplishing the worksheet, we practiced more with a marker and a writing board. Some of Shooting Star students didn’t only practice writing the letters, but they practiced writing the words that they found in the classroom. Awesome 👏

✅ Triangle Method 

In Shooting Star class, we encouraged the students to eat in a triangle method. We eat rice, the main dish and side dishes little by little evenly. And we hold a plate of rice and a bowl of soup while eating. Little by little, we’ve learned how to do it.

✅ Mud Play with Milky Way

We got the chance playing with Milky Way at the school yard with mud. Our main purpose was not only to enjoy playing with mud, but to get the chance to speak English with them.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.