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Halloween party fun in our room (Lagoon October 26th- 30th)

The children arrived in their favorite costumes ready for the party in the morning. We decorated the room with lots of halloween characters and we hanged the children’s halloween craft inside the room. The room was filled with a bat, cute Mickey mouse, a fire fighter, dinosaur, pumpkins and Olaf. All are excited to enjoy the half-day event. Teachers also enjoyed the celebration by coming in their own fancy costumes.


Hitting the pin was fun

The day started with our usual morning circle. After that, children took part in some games. We enjoyed the halloween characters bowling where children were unstoppable to have their own turn. Our other activity was walking around the flashcards on the floor with the music played and stop, touch the flashcards when the music stops and introduce the halloween character card they got. The children had a fantastic time and were excitedly have news to share with mummies and daddies. They’re all full of smiles as they got their presents before the day ends. We hope all families have enjoyable Halloween as we did at nursery.



Happy Halloween everyone!