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We are Community Helpers-Shooting Star-February 20th-24th



Shooting Star class has been so immersed into making costumes for community helpers and we didn’t only made them, but we put them on during our free play. We’re having so much fun doing pretend play with our community helpers costumes.


We made chef’s apron and hat for restaurant community helpers. In our pretend play, we used the phrases like, “Hi, May I take your order?” “Yes, please. I’d like hamburger, french fries, apple juice”, etc. “Anything else?” “No, thank you. That’s it.” “For here or to go?” “To go please” or “For here please.” And we added more stuff to our restaurant play area such as seaweeds, egg, bamboo shoots, and meat as toppings for ramen to add more delight to our choices. Shooting Star were so engaging this week as community helpers and lots of conversation took place during the pretend play. We also made nurse and police officer’s hat which we cut out, designed and colored according to our own ideas and preferences. Now, we have more choices to choose from that best stimulates our interest. We have our different community helpers play area and varieties of workstations where we can freely go and take part in.

ごっこ遊びでは、”Hi, May I take your order?” “Yes please. “などのフレーズを使いお友だちと英語でやりとりをしています✨
「お持ち帰りでお願いします」または 「ここで食べていきます。」
今週は、Shooting Starがコミュニティヘルパーとして活躍し、ごっこ遊びの中でたくさんの会話が生まれていました!また、看護師と警察官の帽子も自分たちのアイデアや好みに合わせて切り抜き、デザインし、色を塗って作りました✨

Last week, we walked to the park and we spent time playing together. After playing What time is it, Mr. Wolf and talking about the rules, we ran to our favorite spots and the fun began. We played at the play structure, zip line, and at the hillside. It was a wonderful time for all of us.


Have a fantastic weekend everyone.