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Welcome to our Aurora class, little ones!💖 We are so happy to meet all of you! Some of our youngsters are still experiencing separation anxiety, but nonetheless, they enjoyed and did great on their first week at school!👏🏻

This week, we started our morning and afternoon lessons. Everyone enjoyed learning and singing new English songs and listening to different stories from the book.🎵

Also, we taught them the proper way of brushing their teeth through demonstration. Our youngsters listened attentively.✨

For our craft, we made a cute and colorful egg made of paper dough. We asked our little ones to choose the color/s they want and mixed them, then rolled to form an egg shape. This craft is good to develop their fine motor skills.😊

Our young ones had so much fun playing with their teachers and friends at the park. It was their first time walking to the park without the rings anymore. Well done, Aurora!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!🧡