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Rainforest: Healthy Plate and Bus Trip_May 8-12

Thank you Rainforest and families for your wonderful contributions in creating healthy meals. The “Healthy Plate” project was a great success! We had our Show and Tell. Each of us started the presentation with ” Good afternoon. This is my healthy plate. This is…”. Then we had a round of comments and questions. We ended each presentation saying ‘thank you listening’ and the audience replies ‘thank you for sharing’. Laudable efforts for our first Show and Tell.

We had a time of reflection too as we connected our learning to two of our IB Learner’s Profile for this theme – Balanced and Reflective. Being a balanced learner means taking care of ourselves. The first step is to be healthy and make responsible choices for what we eat. Being a reflective learner means we think about how well we have done things and how we can do better. We thought through our meals and discussed if we had all food groups for a healthy meal.

Our Bus Trip was the highlight for the week. Pre-field trip discussion saw us brainstorming about what miso is. Is it healthy? Is it a vegetable? Is it a soup or in a pizza? Each made a booklet – “Miso by…” We noted our speculations and left a page as we awaited our fact finding mission. To the miso factory, we headed!

We learned that Ishii Miso that is made from soya beans, fermented rice, and salt! We learned that not all bacteria are bad. Some bacteria are good for us and we have them in our guts and stomachs to help us digest our food! We noted our facts in our Miso booklets. Rainforest recalled that there are 2 types of miso – white miso that has been aged for only 1 year, and red miso fermented for 3 years.

We had our lunch in the beautiful Agatomori Park. Thank you dear parents for preparing the scrumptious meals! Then we went to the observatory tower in the Alps Park. What gorgeous views we had of the Japan Alps! Next, the playground Kodomo no Hiroba – play, play, play!

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day. Dear Mothers, we learned this song and your dear sons and daughter will try singing it to you! “Thank you for all you do. Happy Mother’s Day. I love you!”. Have a fantastic weekend!