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Sorting Out: Rainforest 06/17 – 06/21

“The plants don’t eat! – Yes, they do! – eh, how?” were some of the lines from the dialogue between students while inquiring about the structure of plants. 🪴 To see how this works, we did another experiment, where we soak a plant in the water with color and observe weather the plant will absorve the water or not. The next day, the kids came to the classroom and were so amazed to see the leaves changed their color, according to the color of the water they are soaked in. The whole class made a conclusion that: Indeed, a plant eats, after all it’s a living thing which needs water, sun to grow!

After inquiring about the structure of a plant, the rainforest students got themselves immersed with the books they picked from the library and look for more information about plants. The team looked closely on every information they see from the books. Some of the findings were: Pumpkins have different colors depends on their type, a set have different numbers of fruits, beans have seeds inside and more. The inquiry makes them super excited to learn more about plants and even asking more question as we go like: when a plant is soaked in the water it absorbs the water, but how about when they are in the soil? How do they absorb the water? and more debates too: “I think the most important part of the stem are the leaves, because it keeps the balance of the plant, and one said: I think it’s the flower because the water gets from it and spread to the whole plant, but that is the work of the roots not the flower, one said.” Then finally after watching a story about plant, they came to a conclusion that, all the parts of the plants are important. Each of the part help the plant to stay healthy.

Our reading and writing activities were merged this week. Since our Rainforest students love challenges, the teacher wrote the words on the board and challenged them to write the words the teacher is reading: they can write the correct word, only if they can read. And this is what happened, they were so engaged and reached 20 points reading, enjoying practicing reading and writing as they have fun.

It has been a muddy week!

The rainforest students have started enjoying their time in the mud in their outdoor free play time. The muddy play looks dirty but actually have lots of benefits to the kids. Thanks to our dad for creating the fence for our muddy puddle area.

Please catch us on the next blog as we move on the next stage of our inquiry.

This is the song we sing during the class. If you have time , why don’t you sing this song at home?

Have a nice weekend!