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The magic e! – Rainforest 7/1 – 7/5

Our little readers have just engaged in another journey in their quest to discover different sounds in English Phonics this week.

The Rainforest class has started to read words with silent e, also known as the Magic e. The process of a sound changing from short to long amazes the students and giggle when they hear and witness how this magic happens. To practice more, we played a reading race, where each student will need to try to read a word, and if they read it correctly, they will get to take a step forward.

They all wanted to win so they gave their best to be able to read each word shown to them and win the race!

Our class had another visitor this week who joined our inquiry, Ms. Rose from the Nagano Campus. She was delighted to see how much our inquirers are involved in their inquiry about plants.

Aside from showcasing what they already know, The Rainforest class also shared the result of their experiment, and why they think caused the changes in their plants.

Also, we started looking into How Plants Grow. To activate the curiosity of our inquirers, they were tasked to discuss with their team how they think Plants Grow, and what a plant needs to grow. To do this they observed the leftover veggies they brought from home. After some time they have been keeping them at school, some of the plants prospered while some rotted. These specimens helped them to answer the questions: What changed from this plant? What caused the change? What element was present for the other plants to prosper, and what lack those who did not grow?

Our inquiry on plants is not ending yet, so hang in there and tag along as we discover more!

See you all in the next blog! Happy inquiry!

Thank you, Ms. Aida, for spending time with us!

This is the video we learn about plant cycle.

This is the song children really like. If you like it, please enjoy singing!