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Grade 5,6,7,8: Back to normal!

Hello, everyone! The weather has gotten warmer, the cherry trees have lost their petals and spring is in full swing! 🐣


This also brought many new challenges for the G5678 class. This week the students started inquiry into the first Unit of the school year: spatial design. The students will learn about the fun and challenges of designing our living spaces and discuss what influence they can have on improving our lives, all under the central idea of “Using the principles of physics and design enables us to achieve a higher quality of life.” The students will inquire as part of this Unit until the start of June. This week, that included learning about the principles of construction, which includes the understanding of architecture as balance between math and science, and art, and thinking of best ways to prepare simple architectural designs and floor plans.


This week, the school organized a design competition with the purpose of redesigning the Shimauchi campus front yard. Most of the students were excited to participate and worked in teams to come up with some wonderful and imaginative designs. From next week, they will work on bringing their designs to life themselves! 🌳


The students started many other daily activities that practice their responsibility and organizational skills too. They are serving their own lunch again, eating it on their own, working in cleaning teams to make the school cleaner, leading the class’ morning meetings and collecting points for all of the above. Lots of hard work, but the students have shown good perseverance and focus. The Japanese, music and P.E. lesson have started again as well. Everything seems to be back to normal. Have a wonderful weekend and see you next week! 😌