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Grades 5, 6, 7, 8: Finding the beauty

Hi all! It’s been unusual two weeks at the school with the Golden Week holidays behind us. The students managed to get some rest and continued their studies on Thursday.


Currently they are inquiring into design and architecture, their principles and how they can help us improve our quality of life. After learning from different examples from around the world, this week they had a chance to get to know the architecture of their hometown a little bit better. For this Unit’s bus excursion, we walked through the city center, commenting on various examples of architecture styles present in Matsumoto, reflecting on many other buildings we saw, and connecting what we saw with what was learned in class. Everyone seemed very tired after the walk, but tried their best and it was a good practice for many other excursions and bus trips coming up this school year. 🌎


Some of the buildings analyzed were the the former priest’s residence next to former Kaichi school, Matsumoto Performing Arts Center and the Nakamachi street promotion center house. Some of the buildings around the world analyzed for their aesthetics, but also for following other principles of good design and construction were works by Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Kisho Kurokawa, among others. 🏛️


Next week, students will do individual work inquiring deeper into things they are interested about a building in their environment and will discuss the design of their own homes with their parents. See you then. ☀️