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Strong in the rain. Strong in the wind. – G2

This week, the students of G2 have had a week that feels long and yet, at the same time so short. There has been so much going on.


Firstly, we had to say goodbye to our homeroom teacher, Ms. Priscilla, due to ill health. After sharing this sad news with the students, we had a discussion. There was a conflict between wanting her to stay with us but also wanting her to get well. One person said, “We miss her, but it is better for her health” and everyone agreed that this was true. I was so impressed with how they have grown up to be such kind children who can think of others’ feelings. Then we all wrote a letter to our teacher and gave it to Ms.Priscilla with a smile when she came to say goodbye the next day.

And while we were at it, we began to prepare our first slide show presentation to summarise our learning about natural disasters.
Many of the students showed a high level of skill in finding the information they really needed from the internet and re-writing it to apply to their own situation. It was fantastic. Every day the students are fascinated by the familiar topic of natural disasters. We hope you will take this opportunity to discuss hazard maps and what to do in the event of a disaster, and to prepare an emergency kit with your family.

And at the end of the week, we had a bus trip.
With a typhoon on the way, the students wanted to go despite the light rain and we boarded the bus looking up at the suspicious cloudy sky. Although the weather was cloudy, the ground was dry and we were relieved when we arrived at Alps Azumino Park. The children enjoyed making puzzles, solving quizzes, and looking at the autumn flowers in the park. It was raining for about an hour at the end of the day, but the G2 children were strong and made the best of it.