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Begin the Countdown! G3

Hello everyone. We hope the week has been good to you, as we look to close another week.

The week started off much the same way as the last, with more practicing. On Monday we had a special guest with the student’s teacher for the 2020/2021 year, Ms. Rieko visiting to watch their performance and practice. She was met with great excitement as the students portrayed what they are made off. We also received great feedback and tips about our performance, which is highly appreciated.

Tuesday and Wednesday saw us just continue the same as we practiced and tried to implement the feedback as much as we could. The focus this week was more on facial, body and just overall emotional expression. There is a lot of shyness going on, but we continue the work.

Thursday saw us begin painting and preparing our stage props. It is an understatement to say the student had been waiting with major anticipation for this, so it is also great to mention that they really are having a good time of it.

Friday will be another fun day, as we will take photos in their costumes for the class pamphlet. 6 days to go, the countdown has truly begun.