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Living Things Are Fascinating!

ISN Elementary Class are being knowledgeable and communicators. After weeks of investigation looking closely at how living things share their environment with other living things, students are now creating a display to show their knowledge of this central idea. Using the environment that they created in their last unit of inquiry which also included a residence for people, students are now researching a living thing that would be living close to them in that same environment. Students will show how people and the living thing would have to share the resources available. They can present their ideas using a variety of mediums: pictures, models, origami, diagrams, mind maps, paragraphs, drawings, graphs and tables of information.
Making this presentation, students will use some very important self-management skills: organisation, time management, spatial awareness, and fine motor skills. Time has been set aside over the next 3 school days for students to work on creating their display and then setting it up. Finally we have the pleasure of sharing these works of art and information with our parents on Elementary Open Day, March 15. We look forward to seeing lots of our great parents on that day.
This week students enjoyed researching some living things and their habitats. Today they printed a picture an animal in its habitat and then chose either to make it into a puzzle or to make it into a drawing. These works of art and science are now on display outside our classroom for all to enjoy.